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Grinilund church at Eiksmarka in Bærum, Norway, was closed due to a total rehabilitation in 2013.
The old church room would be demolished and replaced by a new and larger church room. To mark this important event in the life of this church the priest Tor Even Fougner started the graffiti project
Transience and Hope. He invited the norwegian graffiti artist Tomas Stønjum who, together with local youth,  filled the exterior and interior of the building with motifs taken from the mexican fiesta Día de Muertos that celebrates death as a part of life. As an analogy to the core belief of Christian faith that Jesus died and arose, graffiti is both destruction and creative work, and it is an art form where the works are always doomed to disappear. The exhibition stood for a few months before it vanished when the church was demolished. The destruction itself was part of the art project.

The new church at Eiksmarka was inaugurated i 2014.

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